Good Buy: Merona Floral Cardigan

I have been wearing a new cardigan a lot lately; you could say I’m a bit obsessed.

I purchased a Merona v-neck cardigan sweater at Target for 75% off midst the post-Christmas rush. The price of my new favorite piece? $6.24. Now that’s surefire penny. material.

The fit could be better, BUT, the purple and gray together are surprisingly amazing. The watercolor look and burst of color are the elements that, to me, really make this piece covetable. Also, there’s something very special about taking a staple item, a cardigan for example, and making it not-so normal, whether it be a variation in texture, color, or print.

Normally I pair this cardigan with jeans and some flats over a lacy camisole or soft v-neck tee. The finishing touches are a belt at my waist and some layered jewelry. It’s fun to play up this piece; pair with some wild flats or a statement necklace for a daring little ensemble.

It’s a double take piece, too. I don’t think people are accustomed to seeing print on so much square footage of fabric, especially when worn on the upper half.

I look forward to warmer months when I can layer it over a flirty bubble dress and wear with some heels or sandals. I think it would look especially great atop a romper or short-shorts and tank combination.

Six bucks? Not too bad for a nice little statement piece.

2 responses to “Good Buy: Merona Floral Cardigan

  1. I LOVE THIS! So perfect!

  2. Nice outfit. 🙂

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