Inspiration: Inside J. Crew’s March catalog

J. Crew’s recent catalog is as much a source of inspiration as any fashion magazine I read. Beautiful colors like mint julep, sweet guava, and light ginger grace the pieces on these calmly colored pages. I am thrilled by the texture and layering and a rose here and a rose there. Prints evoking a vintage spirit, such as their 60s-influenced rose vines print, send me abuzz.

Jenna Lyons has revitalized the brand since she came onboard as creative director a couple of years ago. She deserves much credit for the resurgence and continued relevance of J. Crew.

J. Crew’s March 2010 catalog is my candy. It is my pleasure, and I am smitten. I can’t put it down. I refer to it over and over again, and I do not have the heart to tear out even one page.

Though J. Crew’s price point is above many, you can’t put a price tag on inspiration. That, my dear penny. reader, is something to remember.

Let’s take a brief trip inside J. Crew’s recent catalog of delights…

Rose Vines Romper, $125

I love rompers. They’re easy-breezy, and if done right, give a dose of sweet 70s sex appeal. This romper, when paired with the long cardigan as modeled, has that “short skirt, long jacket” appeal. Extra credit: layered jewelry.

Printed Lieutenant Jacket, $128

Combined with feminine elements, this fabulous camo jacket is made almost chic. My first impression of camo in the collection was of dismay. However, the print has grown on me. Each collection should have a stand-out piece or two, such as this, for an element of surprise. Paired with a light, white dress this jacket is balanced; completed with a belt at the waist, the ensemble is irresistible.

Vintage zebra-stripe Blakely dress, $128

Animal-print items are great investment pieces. They’re unique, never go out of style, and are absolutely fetching. This dress is stunning when combined with a brown belt, as pictured; but pair with a silver or gold belt for an after hours soiree.

And this bit wouldn’t be complete without a collage of my favorite, dreamy looks from this month’s catalog. Are you as inspired by the recent catalog as I am?

One response to “Inspiration: Inside J. Crew’s March catalog

  1. As a longtime J.Crew devotee, I’m torn between the more fashion-forward styles of JC late and the timeless prep of JC yore. Honestly, the March 2010 catalog seemed a lot like the March 2009 catalog. In other words, I found myself thinking that I already owned most of these pieces.

    I look forward to reading future posts!

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