I introduce to you: penny.

penny. LA is about inspiration.

I love fashion. But combined with finances, fashion can be a tough thing to maintain. But personal style doesn’t have to break the bank.

I do find myself browsing the pages of Vogue magazine, all the while salivating. And I do read fashion blogs. But where are the affordable pieces? I can’t possibly be the only one that delights in a fashionable bargain.

I’m a Midwesterner.  I was raised by frugal-minded Iowan parents in a household on a budget. I know a thing or two about wanting to save a dime (or a penny). I thoroughly enjoy affordable fashion, and a plethora of resources out there allow me to do so.

It is my personal mission to share my frugal fashion findings with the LA community and beyond. Living a seemingly stylish life, whether in LA or elsewhere, is very plausible. Also, I’ll share my inspiration – you can’t put a price tag on inspiration.

Value is a powerful thing.  A penny saved is truly a penny earned.

Stay tuned – I’m so excited to share my thoughts and inspiration in penny.

One response to “I introduce to you: penny.

  1. I love your blog! I also love to shop, on a budget. I will be stopping by to see what your latest find is.

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